March Newsletter
March Newsletter

March Newsletter


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We hope you are doing well and wish you a happy spring on March 20th! Here are some sustainability opportunities you may find interesting.

  • Universal Waste Collection info and next steps
  • Clean Compost Campaign
  • Colorado Clean Commute
  • US 287 Vision Zero Safety & Mobility Study
  • EPA to limit emissions from heavy-duty vehicles
  • Steps to Save Water
  • Prom clothing swap

Thanks for reading our newsletter, enjoy!


What is it?

A Universal Collection program would change the current residential waste collection system from many licensed haulers to a City and County of Broomfield managed contract consisting of a single hauler or a few haulers assigned to different parts of Broomfield.


A Universal Collection program would:
● Give more residents the opportunity to recycle
● Change the current waste collection system from multiple licensed haulers to a single hauler or few haulers assigned to different parts of Broomfield.
● Hold the preferred hauler(s) accountable for customer service levels.
● Lower costs for residents who produce less trash.
● Reduce road impacts and traffic.
● Allow the city to obtain waste collection services at “bulk rate” prices for residents and guarantee transparent and standard pricing.

Visit the City of Broomfield’s Universal Collection page to learn more!

Take Action!

On February 27th, Eco-Cycle gave a wonderful presentation about the Universal Waste Collection Program and how citizens can help move it forward. In April the City Council will have a study session to discuss the issue more. For the next month here are actions you can take to support this initiative!


1.  Learn and share!

Read through these Universal Waste Collection resources.

Then talk to friends, family, and neighbors about the program. If you use social media, please help prevent the spread of misinformation by directing people to learn more and submit comments on the Universal Waste Collection page.

2.  Send a letter of support to the Broomfield City Council! (Most Impactful Action!)

When Arvada decided to pass a Universal Collection Program, their City Council members were heavily influenced by all of the letters of support they had received from residents.

When writing to the City Council a personalized message is the best, but we have composed a generic letter you can simply click, sign and send (and edit) if you wish.

Click, Sign and Send a letter to the Broomfield City Council

Copy of the letter in document form for review

3.  Write a letter to the Editor

If you would like help writing a letter-to-the-editor or an opinion piece for local media, please contact Ryan with Eco-Cycle.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered in February to support the Universal Waste Collection Program!


Colorado Compost Guidelines Are Changing

Compost guidelines for the front range are changing to food scraps and yard and plant trimmings only!

Compost haulers and municipalities all along the Front Range of Colorado are working with regional compost manufacturer A1 Organics to create a high-quality, CLEAN compost product. The goal is to keep organic materials like food scraps and yard trimmings out of the landfill to prevent harmful methane emissions while creating a valuable soil amendment that will help Colorado farms and landscapes build healthy soils that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reduce water and chemical use, and grow nutritious foods.

Why are compost guidelines being simplified to food scraps and yard & plant trimmings only? To create a high-quality finished compost product. Clean compost = clean, healthy soils.

While Broomfield does not currently have a citywide curbside compost program, you may find yourself with composting options through a private company or when you visit other cities along the front range. So, please keep these rules in mind and share this information with others who use compost services.

Beginning April 1, 2023, entire compost truck loads containing anything OTHER than food scraps and yard & plant trimmings will be refused by the compost manufacturer and landfilled.


Materials NO LONGER ACCEPTED in curbside compost include:

  • Paper products (e.g., paper towels, napkins, shredded paper, greasy pizza boxes, coffee filters, tea bags, etc.)
  • Compostable products (including certified compostable utensils, straws, tableware, bags, etc.)
  • NO BAGS will be accepted, including compostable bags. The only exceptions will be 3-gallon countertop CMA– approved certified compostable bags and brown kraft yard bags accepted for specifically announced spring and fall collection events ONLY. We recommend you save money by avoiding all bags all together!

NOTE: Products labeled “compostable” are NOT recyclable. If you have these items, please throw them in trash for the landfill.

Thank you to Eco-Cycle for all of this information! Please visit their site to learn more about composting and details for this new program!

Colorado Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit

Colorado businesses play a key role in improving air quality, according to state legislators. So much so, the 2022 Colorado General Assembly passed and put into effect the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit, or HB22-1026, to encourage and incentivize employers to help reduce carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions.

Now Colorado businesses can get a significant tax break when they provide alternative transportation programs for their employees. HB22-1026 gives qualified businesses a 50% income tax credit of up to $250,000 yearly in 2023 and 2024 for associated expenses when they provide alternative transportation options for their employees.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments Way to Go program offers free services to help employers attract and retain the best employees, improve the business bottom line, increase productivity, and help local businesses help the environment.

Best part? All services are free. Get your organization’s Colorado Clean Commute Approved. Learn more here!

Thank you to the City of Broomfield’s Transportation Newsletter for this content.

Do you travel on the US 287 corridor, anywhere from Broomfield to Longmont, frequently? Do you ever think about ways the road could be improved? Since 2011, severe and fatal crashes have been increasing along this corridor, coming to represent nearly 1/3rd of all fatal crashes in Boulder County.

You’re invited to join a virtual public meeting to discuss your safety and mobility concerns and vision for this corridor. The virtual public meeting will run from February 28 – March 19, 2023 and will be accessible by visiting this link.

You can visit the site on your own time and engage by navigating through the virtual room, clicking on the menu at the top-left hand side of the page, which will take you to different stations that provide information on the background, context, and existing conditions as well as provide opportunities for you to give feedback on your primary safety concerns and mobility needs. Your feedback is important!

Go to our website to learn more, ask a question to the project team, or link to the public meeting.

Para solicitar información sobre el Estudio de Seguridad Visión Cero y Movilidad de US 287 (US 287 Vision Zero Safety & Mobility Study) en español, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame al 720-564-2754 para hablar directamente con el gerente de proyecto.

Tell the EPA to Reduce Truck Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a rule for curbing emissions from heavy duty trucks, a significant source of air pollution nationwide that disproportionately impacts communities of color. The transportation sector is also our nation’s largest source of climate pollution, making a bold federal rule for cleaning up dirty trucks essential for the Biden administration to deliver on its environmental justice and climate commitments.

Unfortunately, last year the EPA proposed an insufficient rule regulating pollution from trucks. Now is the time to make sure the heavy-duty greenhouse gas emissions rule is as strong as possible. Tell the EPA to set as strong a science-based rule as possible.

Click here to send a message!

Make 2023 the year of water efficiency. Save money and save water this summer by checking out some of Broomfield’s water efficiency programs. These range from replacing your lawn with a low-water landscape or evaluating your existing sprinkler system to ensure its efficiency to fixing household links that may have been costing you money for months. Visit for more information.

Lawn Replacement Program

Transform your thirsty lawn into a beautiful, low-water landscape! Check out the new Lawn Replacement Program managed by Resource Central for discounts when you remove a section of lawn. Spring applications are due March 17.

Garden in a Box on Sale Now!

Gain curb appeal, lower water costs, and access professional design without a professional landscape price tag with Garden In A Box! Plus, Broomfield residents qualify for $25 off these low water plant kits.

Prom Swap Shopping Day!

Saturday, March 25th, 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Broomfield Library Eisenhower Room
3 Community Park Road
Broomfield, CO 80020

Time to shop! What’s your style? Playful? Eclectic? Retro? Swap your donated items for something new to you today!

It’s Prom Season 2023 and time for the Broomfield Library first ever Prom Swap! Ditch the mall and opt for an eco-friendly way to shop for prom attire. Bring your unwanted (and clean) formal wear or accessories to the Broomfield Library and take a new-to-you dream outfit home. For each dress, suit, pair of shoes, or accessory you donate, you receive credit to trade for a new-to-you item of the same category.

Don’t have anything to donate? That’s ok! All are welcome on shopping day to take home a new outfit.

Donations accepted at the 2nd floor Reference Desk any day until March 25th.








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