Sustainable Broomfield
Sustainability Tips

Sustainability Tips


Recycle your plastic bags and similar plastic film and switch to reusable cloth grocery and produce bags.
What plastic film can be recycled?



Vote with your dollars. Purchase from companies that have adopted green practices are growing local economies, and pay suppliers fairly. Check out these
sustainable shopping tips



Compost your paper waste (tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc), kitchen scraps, garden trimmings, and yard waste. More composting information on our
composting page



Plan your errands for efficiency to reduce the amount you have to drive and save yourself time.



Bring your own containers to restaurants to take home your left-overs.
Zero Waste Containers



Consider an electric or hybrid car for your next vehicle purchase.
8 reasons to buy an electric or hybrid car
US tax credit information for electric vehicles



Shop at consignment and thrift stores to save money and the planet.
Consignment stores
Thrift stores


Look into solar options for your house.
Why go solar?



Join a community garden or grow a victory garden in your own backyard.
Broomfield Community Gardens
Climate Victory Gardens


Read recycling guidelines to make sure you are not contaminating the normal recyclables. Check out Eco-Cycle’s
Zero Waste Guide
Recycle, Compost and Reuse page
online A-Z Recycling Guide



Get some or all of your residential energy from renewable sources by signing up for the renewable energy programs offered by
Xcel Energy
United Power


Grow native plant species or at least drought-resistant ones to save on water.
Perfect Plants for Colorado



Have your home audited for energy leaks.
Xcel Energy Home Energy Audit
Colorado Energy Efficiency Rebates



Switch all of your lightbulbs to LED’s.
LED lightbulb guide
How to choose energy efficient deck lighting



10 More Sustainability Tips