Welcome to Sustainable Broomfield, a citizen-led group!

Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring together residents, local governments, organizations, and businesses to transform Broomfield into a model for individual and community sustainability.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to accelerate the integration of environmentally sustainable lifestyles in our community. We will achieve this by providing residents with
-Educational experiences
-Practical and convenient resources
-Opportunities to advocate for sustainable public policy

We meet monthly and all meetings are open to the public. Contact us at sustainablebroomfield@gmail.com

Sustainable Broomfield Meeting

Monday, August 24, 6:30-8:00pm
Brunner Farmhouse, 640 Main St, Broomfield

Do you have an idea for an eco team or project that you’ve been wanting to start or expand? Now’s the time to make it a reality! The 2020 International Climate Action Challenge is a free opportunity open to all ages worldwide! Joan Gregerson, the creator of this initiative, will be joining us to help brainstorm project ideas and discuss how we can go from passion to action in just 90 days! We will also be welcoming Madison Hopkins, one of the mentors for the Climate Action Challenge, as she discusses ways to make our homes more eco-friendly. Don’t forget your masks and a chair!

Join us early from 6:00-6:30 pm to help weed our garden area.

Please RSVP by email to Brianna at Sustainablebroomfield@gmail.com

What Does It Mean to Be Sustainable?

Sustainability is the process of living in balance with the natural world where all living creatures are able to coexist. Ecologically it means that natural resources are not depleted at a rate faster than they can be replenished naturally. This concept is described more thoroughly in the Wikipedia definition of Sustainability.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

We only have one planet earth with a finite supply of resources and lifeforms. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. If we are able to live in a manner which ensures that all lifeforms have access to clean air and water, natural habitats are kept intact, all humans have access to the basic necessities, and we can maintain the vast biodiversity that supports the fragile ecosystems that support all life on earth, we all will be better off. We should consider the world we are are leaving behind for our children and future generations with the choices we make today! More information available at Why is sustainability important? and Sustainable Development.

How Can I Be More Sustainable?

Check out our Resources Page for lots of great sustainability tips!

Compost Club

Would you like to start composting, but are unable to do so in your own home? You are in luck! Sustainable Broomfield has just launched a volunteer-run Compost Club! We give you a bucket, which you fill with compostable scraps from your kitchen and garden. Then every two weeks we will pick up your full bucket and leave you a new empty one. The scraps will be taken to the Broomfield Crescent Grange where they will be added to their compost bins. When everything has fully decomposed the nutrient-rich compost will be used in their community garden to grow tasty fruits and vegetables!

Read all about our program in this Broomfield Enterprise article and check out our composting video!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out our Compost Club Interest Form!

Advocacy is a big part of Sustainable Broomfield.  We encourage residents to communicate with the City of Broomfield on how they would like to see Broomfield become more sustainable.  Check out our Advocacy page for action items you can take.


We’ve done the work to find local and national resources on composting, recycling and so much more.  Find a great list of resources on our Resources page.

Sustainable Broomfield is committed to holding educational talks, classes and events on sustainable topics.  Check our Education page to find out about upcoming opportunities.

Upcoming Events in Broomfield

Broomfield City Council Meeting 

Due to Broomfield’s Public Health Order 2020-03, City Council will not be meeting in person, but rather electronically. You can participate by listening to the live-streaming audio on Channel 8, by emailing comments for the agenda items in advance to council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org, or via telephone which will open at approximately 6:00 P.M. by calling 855-695-3744 and pressing star 3 (*3) to get in the queue.  Citizens will be invited to provide comments during Public Comments after the Financial Presentation.  Citizen’s comments will also be heard after the staff presentation for each of the specific agenda items.

Broomfield has launched a new Zero Waste Campaign!

This initiative will include an array of projects, programs, policy recommendations, and opportunities for public involvement. Achieving zero waste is a priority for Broomfield and is a key component of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Find more info at Broomfield.org/wastezero

Sustainable Broomfield Meetings

Monday, August 24, 2020, 6:30-8pm
Sustainable Broomfield Monthly Meeting
(Brunner FarmHouse
640 Main Street, Broomfield)

Future Meeting Dates
September 28, 2020
October 26, 2020
November 23, 2020
December 28, 2020

Sustainable Tips

Results from Broomfield Days Booth Survey

0 100% renewable 2030
0 Curbside Compost
0 Proper Recycle Bins
0 No New Fracking

During Broomfield Days 2019, we asked residents that stopped by our booth what they would like to see the City and County of Broomfield do more of in terms of sustainability.  The top four are above but click the following link for complete results. Sustainable Broomfield Booth Survey