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Why Compost?


Sustainable Broomfield Compost Club

Would you like to start composting, but are unable to do so in your own home? You are in luck! Sustainable Broomfield has created a successful, volunteer-run Compost Club!


We began this program in June 2020 and currently have over 75 participants! So far we have diverted over around 1700 gallons of organic material from the landfill, where it would have decomposed anaerobically and released the potent greenhouse gas, methane, into the atmosphere. Instead, those items decomposed naturally and most of that material has currently been converted into about 190 gallons of nutrient-rich compost for use in the Crescent Grange Community Garden.

How the club works: We provide you with a reusable bucket, which you fill with compostable scraps from your kitchen and garden. Whenever your bucket is full, you take it to the Broomfield Crescent Grange and dump and mix it into our compost bins. There is no charge for the program since you have to put in the effort yourself. Here is the process for dumping your compost:

When everything has fully decomposed. the nutrient-rich compost is used in the community garden to improve the soil and grow tasty fruits and vegetables. Read all about our program in this Broomfield Enterprise article and check out our composting video!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out our Compost Club Interest Form!


Compost Club Testimonials

“Before the pandemic I composted at the drop-off location at work. But when the pandemic hit that all came to an end. My food scraps went to the trash and there wasn’t any other option. Thankfully Sustainable Broomfield started the composting club soon after! They made it really easy to learn the rules of composting and how to drop off the waste. And the composting bins were really close to my house.
It’s unfortunate there aren’t more programs available for composting, but I’m so glad that Sustainable Broomfield has been leading the way to a better future! Since joining, I estimate that I’ve composted 22 pounds of food scraps over 90 days. If there were more programs and participation, think of all the waste that could be diverted back into the soil instead of the landfill!” – Dominick


“Thanks so much for all the composting info. I am really happy to have a way for my plant scraps to be re-used!” – Tracie


Compost Club Success & Metrics


Compost Club Metrics
Compost Club Metrics – July 2021
SB President Brianna teaching a compost class
Compost Club Bins




Curbside Composting Options


Scraps curbside composting is now available in a few Broomfield neighborhoods and is looking to expand soon! If you live in the Broadlands, McKay Landing, or Anthem neighborhoods, you can get a weekly curbside pickup for just $25 a month. All of the scraps are taken to a commercial compost facility, which means they can take just about anything you can chop up or cook up in your kitchen, and then some! Fruits & veggies. Dairy & meat. Napkins, paper towels, toothpicks & skewers. Certified compostable products. And the list goes on & on. 

Also, Scraps is looking to open a drop off location somewhere in Broomfield, which would be available for all Broomfield residents! If you know of a business or organization interested in hosting their service and getting free advertising through scraps, please contact them at



Compost Colorado is a unique composting solution that collects your food waste, and also delivers local sustainable products. Shopping local and sustainable is another way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support your community! They are the fastest-growing composting company in Colorado and allows you to compost everything, including meat and dairy, fats and oils, as well as compostable plastics and other man-made items. You also get a free bag of compost around Mother’s Day to use in your garden! Now available in Broomfield! 


Backyard Composting Information

Backyard composting video (6 min)

How to make compost
Backyard Composting Overview
Backyard Composting Basics and Troubleshooting

Extra composting resources (including vermicomposting) 
Bokashi Composting

Compostable Items List

Here are some great lists of compostable items separated into “greens” and “browns” Compostable IngredientsCompostable Items List

Composting Classes

On March 18th, David Jackson from the Broomfield Environmental Services Department and Brianna Hallinan from Sustainable Broomfield hosted a free virtual backyard composting class. Check out the Backyard Composting and Vermicomposting recording on the City’s website.

You can also find a list of upcoming composting classes for Boulder County on their Compost Workshops page.

Homemade Compost Tea Setup

Modify your current backyard compost setup to produce and collect compost tea. For assistance or questions contact John Hoffman at Homemade Compost Tea.