Sustainable Broomfield
How to get involved

How to get involved

Would You Like to Get More Involved With Sustainable Broomfield?



Sustainable Broomfield is run completely by volunteers (mainly 5 of us) and we could use more people to make our organization more effective! We are looking for volunteers to help with

  • Regular social media posting
  • Weeding and watering at the Brunner Farmhouse garden
  • Helping with booths at events
  • Turning the Compost at the Grange
  • Researching Grant opportunities
  • Finding topics for our website, newsletters and speakers for our meetings
  • Planning out another Scavenger Hunt Event
  • Putting on a new event
  • Propose your own ideas to help!

If you are ready to get more involved, please fill out the form below to contacted when volunteer opportunities are available.