3 Ways To Start Encouraging Your Kids to Live Sustainably
3 Ways To Start Encouraging Your Kids to Live Sustainably

3 Ways To Start Encouraging Your Kids to Live Sustainably

Children are our future, and for our future to be sustainable, we need to encourage and teach our children about sustainability as soon as possible. 

Make Sustainability A Family Activity 

Talk About It

Talk about sustainability and it’s importance at home, and make it a family conversation, rather than a one-way talk. Listen to what your kids think about sustainability, and ask for their input about how they think problems can be solved. Thought-provoking, family conversations like this will help kids to feel like they are a part of something bigger and help them feel that they have the ability to help to achieve solutions. 

Recycle Together

Make recycling a group effort. Find out what to recycle through your curbside recycling program, and then, have everyone work together to recycle. It can be fun to have kids take turns being the “Recycling Captain” of the house, and they can make sure that everything in the recycling bin can be recycled, and then, have them ensure that the bin is on the curb on your specified pick up day. This gives children a sense of ownership and helps them feel more involved. 

Compost Together

Composting can be so much fun! If you are able to compost in your backyard, get the kids involved in the process. Let them sort out kitchen scraps and get them ready for your compost bin, then have them help turn and water the compost, and eventually add finished compost to your backyard garden. Composting is a perfect way to show kids an amazing sustainable loop. This can also be a great way for kids to practice their observational skills as well and to learn about the science behind decomposition!

If you aren’t able to compost in your own backyard, consider our Compost Club, which allows you to receive a reusable bucket for your compost scraps and have it picked up and emptied as needed. Check out a description of the program in a recent Broomfield Enterprise article. If you’re interested, please fill out the Compost Club Interest Form, or email sustainablebroomfield@gmail.com for more info!

Bottom Line

Make sustainability fun and keep kids involved in daily choices you make to live more sustainably. The interest and awareness in sustainability that people develop as children will help them, and us all, to have a more sustainable future. 

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