Steps to Start Backyard Composting
Steps to Start Backyard Composting

Steps to Start Backyard Composting

Follow these simple steps to start Backyard Composting, and help create a more sustainable world by keeping food waste out of the landfill.

Step 1: Choose A Bin

Buy a Bin: A bin that sits on the ground is ideal, but turning bins are easier to use.
Build a Bin: Pallets are good materials for this.
Use an open pile: This works great is you have a yard with lots of space.

Step 2: Choose A Location

Easy access. The easier it is to get to it, the more you’ll use it.
Level space in shade, but sunny also works.
Ideally, your bin is in direct contact with the dirt.
Some distance from your normal hangouts to avoid odor and insects.

Step 3: Collect Materials

Start collecting green and brown materials.
Use a variety of green materials. Brown material can be all dried leaves.
Chop materials to be 1-2″ in size.
Refer to the materials list for appropriate green and brown materials.

Step 4: Start Your Compost

Layer 3 inches of green material with 3 inches of brown material.
Mix the layers together with a pitchfork.
Water the compost until it is wet as a wrung-out sponge.
Repeat layering, mixing, and watering weekly
Put a locking lid on your bin or cover pile with a tarp or carpet to reduce evaporation.

Step 5: Use Your Compost

Finished compost has a pleasant earthy smell, if it still smells sour or like ammonia let it cook longer. Add compost to gardens with vegetables or flowers, to your yard, around trees, & indoor plants.

Don’t forget to have fun! The best part of composting is knowing that you are helping to make a more healthy, sustainable world.

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