Sustainable Baking Guide
Sustainable Baking Guide

Sustainable Baking Guide

How to bake with the planet in mind



When it comes to making better decisions for the planet, we have no shortage of options. Every recipe we bake is an opportunity to choose a better path, and as bakers, we’re thinking deeply about the paths to sustainability we can pave in our kitchens. Though it’s daunting to think such changes can tackle the real problems of climate change, these decisions do matter. Rather than label them “small,” we can think of them as cumulative.

Every ingredient swap, every avoidance of food waste, is a step toward sustainability. Let’s bake our way there, together.

In this online guide…


  • Choosing Ingredients: Perhaps the most proactive step a baker can take is selecting planet-friendly ingredients like rye flour and organic wheat, or swapping in plant-based options when fitting.


  • Reducing Waste: The kitchen is a resource-heavy room. It’s the place where we use water, burn gas, and put all of the rewards of agriculture to use. From leftover ingredients to excess energy, here’s how to avoid wasting any of it.


  • Sustainable Recipes: If you’re looking to lower the environmental footprint of your baking, incorporating more plant-based recipes can help. Here are some of our go-to vegan bakes.



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