Eco-Friendly Guide to Managing Old Phone Cases
Eco-Friendly Guide to Managing Old Phone Cases

Eco-Friendly Guide to Managing Old Phone Cases

Rather than throwing your old phone case straight into the landfill, this article by Custom Envy offers suggestions on how to upcycle your phone case or where to send it for recycling.

Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Cases

Consumers love to make upgrades anytime a new model is in the market, and therefore phones and their cases are
discarded. Since these plastic cases keep on piling, you can design a creative way to use them. Here are some lovely fun ideas that turn those phone cases into use again

Make a Soap Dish

Most phone cases have a rear hole for the camera, making it a perfect tray for your bathroom soap and sponge. While in use, the water drains straight into the sink, leaving your soap and sponge dry.

Ring and Bracelet Tray

While traveling, or just in your bedroom, pack that old phone case and use it as a ring and bracelet tray. If you want to easily trace these ornaments, ensure that they are kept safe in a place easily accessible. Color youth tray to give it the tidy looks you desire.

A Makeshift Luggage Tag

In most offices or travel waiting bays, some poles are strategically planted to aid in hanging bags. After several people have placed their bags, it becomes hard to figure out your luggage quickly. In this case, a phone case would serve as a name tag on each bag for easy identification.

Click here to learn about where to send your phone case for recycling, or to learn about the different materials used for phone cases.

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