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Community Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Community Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations on your hard work this week to our scavenger hunt winners and participants (GooseChasers)! We hope you had an amazing time and learned a little along the way!!

Please check your email for an official notification if you have won a prize or prizes!

Pickup will be Tuesday, April 27 and Wednesday, April 28th, 5-7 pm at the Broomfield Crescent Grange, 7901 W. 120th Ave, Broomfield. Brianna from Sustainable Broomfield will be at the Grange distributing prizes. 

PLEASE PARK NEAR THE BACK OF THE GRANGE and enter in the back doors to the basement. Due to the possibility of inclement weather, and for safety considerations, we appreciate your help in using this entrance to obtain your prize.

On behalf of Sustainable Broomfield, our community partners, and the city, we thank you for your participation and for joining in the fun! We look forward to another Goosechase in the fall if possible and will be in touch.

Please email: for any questions or the list of winners

Thank you to all our Partners and Sponsors!

Event Overview

This year we are celebrating Earth Day (April 22) with a weeklong Community Scavenger Hunt! The event will kick off on Saturday, April 17, with the City of Broomfield’s Earth Day celebration at the public library. Throughout each day, registered participants will see 8 or more challenges appear on the free GooseChase app on their smartphones. Each challenge will ask the participant to search online to answer a question, take a photo of themselves completing an activity, or visit different areas of Broomfield.

All challenge responses will be submitted through the GooseChase app and those completed successfully will earn the participant valuable points! Throughout the week and at the end of the game, prizes will be awarded to those participants with the highest point totals. There may also be bonus challenges to earn prizes and some random drawings. The Scavenger Hunt will conclude on Sunday, April 25, with the final challenge, a full moon bike ride through Broomfield’s open space with your family. This community game is perfect for people of all ages and ability levels and is a great way to explore Broomfield, get outside, learn something new, and support your community! To register for the Community Earth Day Scavenger Hunt visit

Schedule of Activities (What You Did All Week!)

Saturday, April 17th:

  • Registered participants will start receiving challenges on their GooseChase smartphone app.
  • The City and County of Broomfield hosts its Earth Day Celebration at the Broomfield Library with a special sidewalk chalk mural!
  • Daily theme: “Starting Your Journey”
  • These challenges will help participants become acquainted with the Goosechase app and familiar with different areas and organizations in Broomfield.

Sunday, April 18th

  • Daily theme: “Nature in Your Backyard”
  • Participants will be challenged to spend time outdoors exploring and enjoying nature.

Monday, April 19th

  • Daily theme: “Sustainable Practices in Broomfield”
  • Participants will explore challenges about the many ways to live more sustainable lives.

Tuesday, April 20th

  • Daily theme: “Gardening and Composting”
  • These challenges will help participants explore the valuable resources available to them for gardening and composting.

Wednesday, April 21st

  • Daily theme: “Get Outside! Exploring Your Community”
  • Participants will be challenged to explore areas and organizations in Broomfield they may have never been to or heard of.

Thursday, April 22nd, Earth Day!

  • Daily theme: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
  • These challenges will ask participants to learn about different zero-waste lifestyle options in Broomfield

Friday, April 23rd

  • Daily theme: “Supporting Your Community”
  • Participants will be challenged to learn how many Broomfield businesses and organizations act sustainably and support the Broomfield community.

Saturday, April 24th

  • Daily theme: “Visit and Learn Close to Home”
  • These challenges will ask participants to engage with more Broomfield organizations that have something to teach them.

Sunday, April 25th

  • Daily theme: “Be Active in Your Community”
  • Participants will be challenged to set goals and take action on lessons learned throughout the week.
  • Our final challenge will be to take a full moon bike ride through Broomfield. We hope to have prize stops along the way!