Sustainable Broomfield History

By: Brianna Hallinan, President Sustainable Broomfield 


In the spring of 2019, a few Eco-Cycle Eco-Leaders from Broomfield met up to see why our city did not have curbside composting. After doing some research and reaching out to city organizations, we learned that there were plans to develop a city-wide curbside composting program in the future. After voicing our support for this initiative, we decided in the meantime to teach residents how to compost in their own backyards. We developed and displayed a composting booth at two events around Earth Day and followed that with composting classes at a local nursery and booth displays at our local farmers market over the summer.


By this time, we had been meeting on a monthly basis and decided to call our group, Sustainable Broomfield. We invited others to come join our meetings and sought out guest speakers to make presentations on other sustainability topics. During the summer, we started a facebook page and eventually launched our own website. September brought the community festival of Broomfield Days, where we had a booth selling reusable bags, surveying residents on the eco-friendly actions they regularly practiced, and teaching people how to backyard compost. Later that fall, we continued meeting monthly and invited City Council candidates to our meetings to discuss their views on sustainability in Broomfield. 


By the end of the year, we had developed some solid partnerships with a few organizations in Broomfield, like the Broomfield Crescent Grange and the city’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability. We had also found a proper meeting location at the Brunner Farmhouse and Gardens and had an average of 10 people at most meetings. Sustainable Broomfield was designated as a citizen group so as to be accessible to anyone who was interested in participating. Many of the original members had taken a backseat and new people started to step up to help out in the leadership and planning positions.


At the beginning of 2020, we decided to put on a giant community Earth Day Festival at the Broomfield Crescent Grange with lots of booths and displays from a variety of community organizations.  We had everything lined up and ready to go when COVID shut everything down in March and we had to cancel our event. Our regular monthly meetings continued online in the spring, but we were able to hold outdoor meetings all summer at the Brunner Farmhouse and Gardens. In exchange for meeting at this location, we volunteered to maintain one of the garden plots. That summer, we completely redeveloped the large perimeter garden plot, which had very few flowering plants and was overrun with weeds. It is now a beautiful area with multiple pathways and lots of perennial, pollinator friendly flowers.  


Sustainable Broomfield made another big impact at the Broomfield Crescent Grange’s community garden during the summer of 2020. I joined this garden as an individual member and noticed they had 3 large compost bins that were being under utilized by the gardeners.  After some discussion, we agreed that I could recruit Sustainable Broomfield members to start dumping buckets of compostable scraps into the Grange’s compost bins and the community garden could utilize the finished compost. We found a few sources for free five gallon buckets and launched a pilot program with 10 members for a month to see how much compost was created.  After gathering more buckets and tweeking our registration program a bit, we opened up the membership to anyone who was interested in joining our new Compost Club. By the fall, we had 60 people participating and had to close our new member registration since our compost bins has reached capacity.


Then, in November of 2020, we were contacted by a local scout, Spencer, who was interested in building some compost bins for an Eagle Scout Project! His timing could not have been better and by February, we had three new compost bins and were able to reopen registration into our compost club! Right now we have 80 people signed up for our club, we have diverted around 1700 gallons of compostable scraps from the landfill, and created around 192 gallons of usable compost. This has probably been one of Sustainable Broomfield’s biggest success stories.


Another recent success was the Community Earth Day Scavenger Hunt we helped put on for a week in April this year. Since we couldn’t hold an Earth Day Festival in person with the COVID restrictions, we decided to host a weeklong virtual Earth Day event. To participate community members simply registered for the event and downloaded the free GooseChase app on their smart phones. Then, through the app, numerous challenges would pop up throughout each day asking the the participant to search online to answer a question, take a photo of themselves completing an activity, or visit a different area of Broomfield. People earned points for properly completing the challenges and at the end of the week our top point earners walked away with some awesome prizes! 


Our community game was perfect for people of all ages and ability levels and was a great way to get outside and celebrate Earth Day, as well as explore, support, and learn more about Broomfield. This year’s event was our first Scavenger Hunt and we had 121 participants, 38 community partners/sponsors, and gave away over $2,000 in prizes! We also had a lot of great feedback from many of the participants, sponsors, and community partners, as well as excitement about participating in future events like this.


Well, that is essentially the history of Sustainable Broomfield up to this point. We are still meeting monthly, virtually so far this year, but our June meeting will be outside at the Broomfield Crescent Grange. I also started composing monthly newsletters last fall, we have expanded our social media presence, we redid our website this winter, and currently we have 356 people on our mailing list. Our leadership team has changed members a bit, but we have 5 committed people helping to run our organization right now. I did forget to mention, this leadership team is actually the board for Sustainable Broomfield and we filed to become a nonprofit in December of 2020 and got our final paperwork approved in April! 

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