Summer Sustainability Tips
Summer Sustainability Tips

Summer Sustainability Tips

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Summertime provides us excellent opportunities to go green in a few different ways. Jane Marsh gives us some ideas in her article 10 Green Tips for Summer –We list a few of our favorites here:

Choosing Sunscreen Wisely

The chemicals in some sunscreens and other skincare products can negatively affect marine wildlife and is known to be harming the health of the coral reef. You can protect yourself from the sun and help out our waterways and marine life by purchasing eco-friendly sunscreen. Click here to view our blog post on reef-safe sunscreens!

Have Shopping Fever? Go Second-hand!

It’s important to remember that consumer goods come with a carbon footprint- you can reduce yours by using what is already available. Thrift shopping helps reduce waste and give items a second-life…and it’s fun!

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Summertime presents a great opportunity to purchase locally, which helps both your community and the planet. Additionally, you can bring your own reusable grocery and produce bags for some added zero-waste benefit!

There’s so many other creative ways to live sustainably this summer. Check out some more ideas on!

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