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The CSU Extension is now at the Library!

The CSU Extension office in Broomfield City & County provides assistance and programs for citizens in the areas of Horticulture: Yard & Garden

Please visit Broomfield County Extension at its new location in the Broomfield Library. Regular hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, with horticulture specialists on hand Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Office is currently closed in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please use these online resources instead. 

Send questions to Please attach photos, if possible.

Submit your question using this interactive form.…/1FAIpQLSct4JKmdr0SGcIXxI…/viewform

Ask a Master Gardener Helpline
Broomfield residents may leave a detailed message at 303-464-5554. A local Colorado Master Gardener or horticulture specialist will return your call within two business days.

Colorado State University Extension Website
You will find science-based answers to many of your yard and garden questions on the CSU Extension website.…

Open Space Speaker Series

Fall 2020 Speakers

Wednesdays, 7 – 8 p.m.
Location varies (see below)
FREE, No registration required

“Living with Urban Wildlife” with Jack Murphy of Urban Wildlife Rescue
Broomfield Library – Eisenhower Room – 3 Community Park Road

We love our open spaces in Broomfield, but living close to these natural areas can also bring in an unwanted conflict with wildlife. Woodpeckers drill into siding, skunks make their dens underneath porches, and rabbits wreak havoc on gardens. Jack Murphy is the founder of Urban Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit promoting humane wildlife solution. In this talk, Jack will show you when to call a wildlife rescue team, and how you can take your own actions around the house to safely evict, exclude, and deter unwanted wildlife from your yard and humanely coexist with the urban critters that also call Broomfield home.

“Why Birds Matter, and Why I Study Them” with Scott A. Taylor of University of Colorado
Broomfield Community Center – Crawford Room – 280 Spader Way

Birds are widespread, familiar creatures and are extremely important ecologically, economically, and culturally. They are, perhaps, the vertebrates we are most familiar with in our day-to-day lives, aside from other humans and our pets. Pigeons and house sparrows join us in cities, while chickadees and other forest species make their homes in our backyards. Assistant Professor Taylor studies birds to gain insights into the impacts that humans are having on where animals live and how they interact. From Taylor’s work on a number of common backyard species, we are gaining a better understanding of the pace at which birds can respond to warmer winters, and are just beginning to understand how cities alter the way closely related species of birds interact.

DECEMBER 2 (Rescheduled from April 1, 2020)
“Self-Drive Safaris in South Africa” – with Chris “Boomer” Petrizzo
Broomfield Library – Eisenhower Room – 3 Community Park Road

Have you dreamed of going on an African safari, but been intimidated by the prices posted by the tour companies, or overwhelmed with decisions about locations, accommodations, and getting around? You can have your own grand adventure that is a rewarding, enjoyable experience, and a lot cheaper than you might think! South Africa has a well-developed infrastructure and some of the best bird and wildlife viewing on the continent. Chris’ photos will take you to Kruger, Kgalagadi, the Garden Route, and many other national parks and reserves, as he covers the practicalities of flights, local transport, sightseeing, and lodging. Chris Petrizzo has photographed wildlife around the world and probably has a little too much experience arranging his own travel – especially in South Africa. Chris pays for his wildlife habit by helping organizations develop and deliver great training.

Your Role in Protecting Our Watersheds

– Kill your Kentucky Bluegrass. Swap out your lawn for low-water plants.
– Lean on your community leaders (HOAs to federal government).
– Fix broken sprinkler heads.
– CYCLE-SOAK – 9 or 15 minutes twice in the middle of the night.
– Fix leaks in your home. (monumental bills)
– Buy water efficient fixtures.
– Pick up poop and litter – Drains to creek!
– Use a public carwash that recycles water – Drains to creek!
– Dispose of chemicals correctly. Don’t just pour down drain or into sewer!
– Reduce or quit use of sidewalk salt.
– Test your soil. Phosphate-free fertilizer. Apply at the right time!

Find more information at

The Real Footprint of our Stuff

How resources become products and their upstream impact

Upstream Impact Slideshow

City Council Candidate Sustainability Responses

We reached out to all candidates running for Mayor and City Council and requested their responses to the exact same three sustainable questions.  Here are their responses:  Broomfield Candidate Sustainability Responses 2019

Please Note:  Sustainable Broomfield is not endorsing any candidate.  We simply wanted to provide a forum for candidates to express their views on sustainability.

Also, if a candidate is not included in the document, it is because we did not receive a response to our request.